Where are your customers?

Multichannel Marketing

Where are your customers?

They are everywhere. And you must be everywhere too.

Due West is a multichannel marketing agency  in New York City. We use various digital media channels to spread your story. Multichannel marketing includes email, social media, mobile, web banners, blogs and more. Utilizing multiple channels allows brands like yours to interact with customers across multiple marketing touch points for a more holistic campaign.

In order to do this, your brand must create and maintain a single view of the customer across all channels, establish a multichannel marketing platform, and create consistent customer experiences across all channels. Focusing on the customer experience is significant — furthermore, a quality customer experience. Couple that with consistency. Why does this matter? Your customers learn and experience your brand as a whole. This means their interactions with you online, in a store, over the phone, a combination of these and more. This means designing and caring for each channel as part of a whole rather than an individual. And that means consistency across channels.


they have more choices than ever when it comes to how they want to get information.

So you must provide current and potential customers with their preferred method choice of how to interact with you. Creating multi-channel marketing campaigns is key for attracting customers. Coordinating your message across a variety of platforms increases your exposure to converting customers.

A helpful way to think about why multi-channel marketing is important is to think about how you yourself consume information: You may see a commercial while watching television, a sponsored post while scrolling through social media on your phone, the flash of a banner on a website while online shopping during lunch or even an ad on the podcast you listen to as you work. You do not spend your screen time on just one platform, but rather, various digital platforms. These are all potential opportunities to reach customers rather than heavily investing into a single channel and hoping for overall sales and success for your brand.

And while your particular brand or business may have a preferred channel, understanding the advantages of being across channels is important — especially given that if your preferred channel does not perform well, you lose significantly more business.

multi-channel customers

They spend three to four times more than single-channel customers.

Multi-channel customers spend three to four times more than single-channel customers. So it is definitely worth spreading your message as far as possible. And consumers actually prefer an integrated multi-channel marketing approach. The success of a campaign is the sum of its parts: Investing in one channel can increase interest in your business through other channels. This equals more attention for your brand. So by having your foot in so many doors or your fingers in many pies mean more customers and brand recognition.

And that’s where Due West comes in. Multi-channel marketing means that your business must share their story in new ways but that also means dedicating more time and resources into creating a consistent and quality message across multiple channels. Learn how we can help. 


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Where are your customers? They are everywhere. And you must be everywhere too.

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